Gaby[‘s agent] decided to seek legal advice against ManU. Gaby[‘s agent] has hired lawyers and wants to force Heinze’s move from OT to Liverpool.
Should we care?

SAF thinks this can only show ManU’s right, but I’m not that sure about that yet. I will never forget the Bosman case and although the situation was different, I’ll tell you that a ‘no-compete’ holds very little legal ground, especially if te case would go to Straatsburg.
The common sports sense tells us that contracts have to be followed, but ‘regular employees’ can buy out their contract at any time. Of course there’s such a thing as ‘competition’, but let me tell you that on a legal base, ManU stands no chance. How do I know this?
In my all day job, I’m bound myself by a no-compete. A no-compete I have agreed with, but nevertheless I can buy myself out ANYTIME. No matter how long I’ve already served the company or what date has been passed. I’m a free person and I am legally supported to leave ANY company I work for, respecting certain resignation rules. And even if I would have want to leave my employer after only some weeks, there would have bee no way to stop me. My buy-out fee just would have been higher. But I digress.

Back to Gaby. Lets suppose that Heinze really wants to leave OT, even though he never publicly expressed this desire himself.
The Carlsberg club has offered the required 6.8mio GBP to assure a move, but ManU has blocked this historical move to Liverpool.
But should we really care?

Contrary to the popular voice, I say ‘NO!.
Even if ManU gave Heinze all the possibilities to work his way back last 2 seasons, even if Heinze is the public’s darling. No, we shouldn’t care. And I’ll tell you why not.

What ManU needs and wants are players committed to the club. Players who live the dream of playing at OT. Players who want to be part of TBDFCITW. Players proud to wear the ManU shirt.
Players devoting their entire life to OT.

Do we want lads who earn 50k+/week and aren’t ready to fight for a regular spot? Do we want to support those guys, no matter how good they might be, if they don’t think OT is worth fighting for on the training pitch?

No, we couldn’t care less about them!

Even if their name is Gabriel Heinze and they used to be the player of the year. Let him go. Grab the money, it’s a great deal!
No really, it is! Just think about it. Gaby is Argentinan and his prime language is Spanish. If you were Argentinan, speaking Spanish, what would your first choice be if you claimed that top clubs were ready to sign you? Barca, Real Madrid or an English club trying to rebuild themselves?
Yes, we just hit the nail on the head. There’s no club other than Liverpool prepared to invest 6.8mio in Gaby. And no matter how much I like this rough tackling Argentinan, I think the fact that no major club has made an adequate bid for him speaks volumes.

Of course, I loathe to see an awesome player move to the Merseyside. But hey… if Heinze doesn’t have the pride, the spirit to understand that Liverpool and ManU just don’t comply… let the poor bugger go to Merseyside. And thank Rafa for investing that much of money in a guy without any form of layalty.
I strongly doubt that Heinze will repeat what Westerveld did only some years ago. Move to Merseyside and grab a red card in his fourth game for Liverpool. A derby against Everton. And Westerveld only got that card because he lived the Liverpool spirit. And the heat of the eternal derby against Everton.
Heinze just has proven those are values he can’t be bothered about.

Honestly… that is not the kind of player I want to see at OT!



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  1. Mark on July 31, 2007 1:43 pm

    Heinze will always give 100% in the game- that’s his nature. And we need cover for left back. So as usual SAF is right.

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